Vilnius, Lithuania. 15th – 22nd July, 2018.

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We want people around the world to take back control of their personal data.

In our own words

Meet the team and give us five minutes to tell you why …


We are building the world’s best cryptocurrency and token wallet that will become the dashboard for your digital life.

Your Data


Your Pillar wallet starts by helping you store and manage cryptocurrencies and tokens. Eventually, it will hold all your digital assets, and open a world of products and services just for you.

Atomic Ownership

With atomic ownership, you own your own data – there are no intermediaries. You share only what you want to share. You are in control at all times.


We believe apps are a trap for your data and your attention. With the Pillar wallet, you say what you’re looking for, and offers and services come to you on demand. No more apps.


Pillaristas are technologists, creatives, designers, researchers, and marketers who share a collective vision of a secure and decentralised future. If you fit this description, get in touch.


Join us and contribute to the pillar vision. Our growing community of over 17,000 volunteers is where the action takes place. Sign-up, find your channel, and help us build the future.


We want talented people who are aligned with our purpose. If you’re a senior developer, designer, generalist, marketer or just someone passionate about our mission, we want to meet you. See our roles to find how you can get involved and help.


Show us how you fit in the Pillar wallet. We’ve launched a series of competitions to find the best ideas from you. Choose the thing you love, and show us how your world is going to look and feel in the Pillar wallet.