Simple, Decentralized & Secure

Next Generation Smart Wallet and Payment Network

Complete security
Regain full control of your personal data
Collaborative design
Building together; always Open Source
Global access
Instant, secure transactions - for free
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Pillar is much more than a wallet

We’re laying the foundations for the most secure and intuitive platform available. We firmly believe that your data should be your property. Through our use of decentralized technology, Pillar will put you in control of your personal data - allowing you to choose where, when and with who your information is shared.


Secure, Social, Connected

Peace of mind

You have full control and ownership of your private keys

Private messaging

100% encrypted chats with your contacts

Free transactions

Unlimited without fees in any token you choose

Buy crypto directly

USD, GBP and EUR available in the app

People, not addresses

Pillar replaces alpha-numeric with simple usernames

Pillar Offers Engine

Find the best deals to swap your Tokens, all in one place

Proactive security

Bug bounties, responsible disclosure and continuous monitoring

Game of Badges

Earn NFT rewards for being active in the community

24/7 support

Real people available around the clock in the app

Personal Data Locker

Common standards-based data management

Coming Soon

Multiple Personas

Easily manage your connections and transactions

Coming Soon

Multiple blockchain support

Pillar will soon integrate Bitcoin and more

Coming Soon

A Single Token Experience with PLR

We provide you with secure, frictionless access to all areas of the Pillar platform - including all users and services - via PLR. Manage and transfer your assets, open payment channels, access enhanced functionality and cover any network fees with a single token.

Building Together,
Open By Design

Restoring individual privacy and autonomy requires transparent and collaborative efforts. We aim to work with talented and innovative minds from all areas of the blockchain industry, including:


Smooth and Safe

Users should never need to share their private key to connect with dApps. We support WalletConnect, allowing you to use your Pillar Wallet to directly transact on the most popular web3 platforms, without any risk to your assets or personal data.

Bamboo Relay
Heroes of Ether

The Only Platform
You’ll Ever Need

We believe that change is needed: we want to hand back control and security to our users, whoever they are and whatever their needs. We’re working hard to deliver a solution that anyone can understand, without the need for technical or cryptographic expertise - allowing us to support and guide individuals as they interact with brands, stores and service providers in the new digital economy.

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