Blockchain Explorer

To get a better understanding of what our community’s needs are, we conducted a survey Aug 21-30 of the Pillar Project community members to better understand the current state of blockchain explorers, how they use them and how they can be improved. We received 461 responses. There are 3 main take-aways:

  • Blockchain explorers are complicated and need simplification. Many of our community members are new to cryptocurrency transactions, and need plain English terminology. It is easy to make mistakes, and so they expect better user interfaces
  •  Most people use them as a verification tool – to see contents of their wallets, verify a transaction or to see if something went wrong. Explorers need to do a better job of notifying each party whether a transaction was successfully completed
  • No single explorer dominates the market. There are dozens of blockchain explorers in the market, which makes it a crowded field.

In the coming months we will begin developing a blockchain explorer that incorporates this feedback and makes navigating the blockchain more intuitive and useful for technical and non-technical users. If you want to contribute to this project, please join our community’s Blockchain Explorer Channel.