The new era is here: Pillar Wallet now available for Android and iOS

Written byPillar ProjectDecember 24, 2018
We’re thrilled to announce the easy-to-use Pillar Wallet is now available on the App Store and the Play Store.

Introducing the easy-to-use cryptowallet for everyone.

Last summer, the Pillar Project launched with great hope and great ambition. Today, we’re beginning to see the fruits of our efforts and the efforts of our great community.

We’re thrilled to announce the easy-to-use Pillar Wallet is now available on the App Store and the Play Store.

Download the Pillar Wallet and begin experiencing the following benefits:

  • Store hundreds of ERC20 tokens and connect wallet-to-wallet without long, complicated cryptowallet addresses.
  • Send crypto as easily as sending a text to any of your family and friends using the Pillar Wallet.
  • Send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages to anyone in your Contacts.
  • Enjoy private control of your data. We will never have access to your username, private keys, contacts, or chat history.
  • Get instant notifications. You’ll always be up-to-date with your transactions, connections, and conversations.
  • Keep track of your transactions. Easily see who you’ve sent ETH, ERC20 tokens, and assets — and when.
  • Choose USD, EUR, or GBP as a base currency and easily track your portfolio balance.
  • View your transaction status in real time without leaving the app.
  • 24/7 support thanks to in-app customer service.

It’s only been a few hours, but we’re already seeing an overwhelmingly positive response. On the Google Play Store, the Pillar Wallet has more than 200 reviews and a 4.9 rating!

This is just the beginning. The Pillar Wallet is the foundation and first step toward our vision of a Personal Data Locker that returns ownership of your personal data to its rightful owner: you.

Thanks to our community

Today’s milestone is the result of a collaborative effort. To ready the Pillar Wallet for launch on the Ethereum mainnet and approval by the App Store and the Play Store, we were joined by the amazing participation of more than 2,000 beta testers and our vibrant community.

Many have been enthusiastic community members and contributors to Pillar since our ICO last summer. We’re truly grateful for your support and look forward to taking more ambitious steps with you in 2019.