Why Join Pillar?

Join us in building a decentralised future that gives people control over their personal data. It starts with an intuitive cryptocurrency wallet and will evolve to become a personal data locker and assistant for your digital life.

Our ambition is huge and our culture is everything to us. We move fast, thrive in autonomy, and stay obsessively curious. To keep this spirit alive, we’re dedicated to hiring people that align with our mission and champion our values of radical openness, trust, and joy.


  • Empower individuals and give people the power of their personal data.
  • Create a world with no apps or accounts
  • Pave the way to the “Pillar phone,” which will replace Android and iOS.
  • Disrupt huge industries and pioneer new innovations.


  • Build the safest and simplest cryptocurrency wallet that evolves into a personal assistant.
  • Scale significantly in the next six months.
  • Balance exceptional code with cutting-edge UX and security.
  • Lead, educate, and mentor junior developers.


  • Conduct yourself with autonomy and ownership. Open vacations.
  • No boss. No micro-management. No whining.
  • Exceptional salary and bonus. A culture of joy, not greed.
  • Medical insurance via Vitality.

Pillar Needs Developers!

We are looking for senior JS/React/Angular developers who have built commercial-scale mobile apps. We are particularly interested in very experienced developers who can lead teams in our transition to React. We want people who understand system complexities, relish working in a self-managed environment, enjoy teaching others, and have an appreciation of using a Kanban flow-based delivery model. We’re building a world-changing app – help us build the best and most secure app in the market.

You must have a strong understanding of server-side components, databases, APIs, events, presentation layer, and systems building. You should have at least some experience in cryptography, decentralized systems, blockchain, encrypted messaging, forward secrecy, and other autonomous software architectures. We have very little centralized control and give our users full independent ownership of their data.

We need master of:

  • NodeJS / Express / Mongo / Angular / React

  • RESTful APIs

  • Ionic / PhoneGap / Cordova

  • TDD, CI

  • Agile / Scrum / Kanban

  • Carry projects through their full life cycle – from ideation to architecture, implementation, and scaling.

  • Embodying a wide-range of both technical and soft skills – from query optimisation and UI design to cloud server setup and building a business canvas model.

  • Having a strong delivery track record, excellent problem-solving skills, and high interest in all the latest tools.
  • ES6, ES7, ES8, ES.Next, Babel, React 16, Jest, Enzyme, Redux, RxJS, redux-observable, react-router, Redux Form, Visual Studio Code, Prettier, TypeScript, TSLint.

Our development work is London office-centric at this stage. You must have an EU or UK work permit.

Pillar Project London

41 Luke Street, London

How to Join the Dev Team

Reach out to us and let’s chat about your tech stack and our code.

We will invite you to the office to have a coffee together and get to know each other.

We will then assign you a task and invite you to join us for the whole day to work side-by-side with our developers.

We’ll both see if there is a cultural and technical fit. If so, it’s a match!

Ready for the challenge?

Other roles:

Taxonomy Expert Wanted

The Pillar Project is seeking an expert in categorization, metadata, taxonomies, and formats. This is a full-time role in London. We’re looking for a hands-on technologist who can not only architect solutions but also be part of implementing them.

If you’re not technical, then fear not!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create an account in our community – if you need help, check this video
  2. Add and join channels related to your expertise. Consider how you’d like to add value.
  3. Introduce yourself in the ~introductions channel and tell us a bit about yourself how you’d like to help. Opportunities to collaborate will start coming your way.
  4. Find your place, people, interests and we’ll see you there – it’s as much yours as it is ours!
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