We’ve launched a series of contests to find the best ideas from you.

We want concise courses on blockchain, a bustling merchandise store, inventive in-game app design, and integration visions from pioneers. Show us how life will look and feel in the pillar wallet.

Mobile Tutorials

We would like to have a number of short video or vector animations in the Pillar wallet when it ships (and on our site as well). This contest is to find a group that wants to create those videos.

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videos, tutorials

0 submissions

28 February 2018


Pillar’s Iconic Image

Imagine you see a Pillar poster, and the words are “Welcome to the future.” What’s the image? Can you find or make that image?

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photography, design

5 submissions

On Going


Show your Pillar Style!

The Pillar Project is looking for most wild, creative, fun, innovative social-media promotion of our brand.

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memes, design

0 submissions

On Going

no limit to number of prizes, from $50 to $200

Pillar Pioneers

We are looking for entrepreneurs who can see that Pillar is going to be the next big thing! We don’t have a platform you can program on yet, but in July we’ll be meeting to get many new ventures off the ground. Start planning yours now!

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innovation, services

0 submissions

On Going

up to $1,000 ($2,000 for exceptional efforts)

Build a Pillar Store

We are looking for store owners who will create Pillar-branded products, take inventory, promote, sell products in our wallet, then pick, pack, and send them to people and give them proper customer service.

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web shop, pillar

3 responses

On Going

Pillar project will be your first customer

Build a Giving Business

We are looking for people who will turn the Pillar wallet into a giving wallet.

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giving, pillar

0 submissions

On Going

Up to $1,000

Create a Game

The goal is to envision an amazing game people can play inside the Pillar wallet.

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game, pillar wallet

0 submissions

On Going

Pillar Project Design Contest

We are looking for a mix of simple design and smart thinking. We plan to have several design competitions.

pillar wallet, design

19 submissions


up to 50 ETH

17th of September 2017.

General Rules

Before you enter any of these contests, be sure to see our January 10th video, where we show the Pillar wallet prototypes. None of the contests has a deadline – they are all rolling, continuous contests. Subscribe to the newsletter and jump into our community to meet like-minded people and put your team together! Prizes are not limited – we will pay for great work. The more work you put into your submission, the more you can potentially win. There are an unlimited number of prizes, but the bar is likely to go up over time. How to enter: Except for the social-media contest, all contests require video submissions. Use good visuals in your video, don’t just talk to the camera. Mock it up, put it on Facebook, try it, fake it, make it look good and then give it a good story. Send a link to your video to [email protected] when it’s ready. Winners agree to give their video content to Pillar for future promotion. You can only enter once! Don’t send a message telling us it’s better now and asking us to please look at your updated version. You get one chance to make a good first impression. After that, we won’t consider the same idea again.

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