December Update video

Recently, I made a short video from our offices with a quick update on all things Pillar.

The Final ICO Show

We wound up the ICO Show with a review of the year 2017 and things to come in 2018. My guests were Lex Sokolin of Autonomous NEXT and Toby Lewis of Novum Insights. It’s an hour of data, insights, and predictions for next year.

Mark Your Calendars!

On January 10th at 5pm UK time, we’ll have our first semiannual Pillar general meeting. This will be a 90-minute report from all divisions of Pillar and some news from 20|30. We’ll provide a financial summary and update everyone on wallet development and testing. We hope to also give a sneak preview of the design of the wallet interface. We’ll take questions from people on YouTube, so be sure to watch it live.


Join our LIVE year-end meeting!


Pillar Tokenholders’ Council

Are you an active, forward-leaning token holder who isn’t too anxious and just wants to see the project succeed? Someone who cares about the utility of the token, not the price? We would like our community to self-select a team of about five representatives that we can meet with and start to share some responsibilities. This will start out informally but will become more structured and have more responsibilities and engagement over time. Please come to our online community and start a dialog in the new governance channel (if you don’t see it, add it by clicking More… in the left column).


Ether to the Moon

I caught the price of ether at a good moment the other day…

This means we now have the money to hire more people, and we plan to continue hiring in the same way as always. At the moment, we’re looking for:

  • Two Junior Admins
  • A CFO/Accountant
  • A taxonomy/categorization/XML expert
  • Someone with experience running a crypto exchange
  • Back-end Node.js developers who can implement GDPR solutions using our wallet.

This is for full-time work in London. As always, the way to get the job is to just show up in our community, join us in the office and start working.

Feel free to send feedback to [email protected] and don’t forget to follow our social media channels!

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