Join the Pillar Team

Pillar is actively looking for employees for our London office. How you get hired onto the Pillar team is not linear, the process is not typical, but it works. Everyone gets hired by volunteering first.

Here is how:

  1. Create an account in the community - if you need help, check this video;
  2. Add the channels related to what you want to volunteer;
  3. Introduce yourself and how you can help, soon you'll get tasks coming your way!

These Are The People We're Looking For

We are self-managed - you’ll never have a boss. This is only for people who are mature enough to thrive in a self-directed environment.



Front-end developers who can work on web and mobile apps. We are looking for senior people who have plenty of experience with: Node.JS, AngularJS, Typescript, Ionic, PhoneGap, Cordova. People with real-life release skills who enjoy working in pairs using agile methodologies will do well in our culture.

Central Services

We don't have back-office silos, we'll never have an HR group, we are building a very agile "central services" team that can do whatever needs to be done and automate repetitive tasks. We are actively looking for people to volunteer and fill the following roles, hoping to hire the right ones as they fit in with us...

Design Jobs

Our designers will strive for the world's best consumer user experience for managing their digital life. All different forms of design will be created, later we can build prototypes and test them, connecting to a dummy code. It’s critical to come at this from a consumer-behavior point of view.

Ready To Start The Hiring Procedure?

If you think you could thrive in this environment, and/or are interested in connecting with previous volunteers turned staff members, just join us in Mattermost.

How We Hire

We hire through volunteering. We are looking for people who are willing to take a defined task or tasks and work with us as a volunteer. You will work with the core Pillar team and become familiar with the people and processes.

We Don't Care About a Lot of Things:

 Letters of reference 
 Employment history 

We're not here to torture you - we want to make sure you like working with us and we like working with you. Once it's clear that you work well with us, we want to hire you - it could be as little as a week. It could be longer, but you don't have to work full time - just do as much as you want when you want, it's up to you.

This is our culture - we are looking for people who will help us with no expectations other than to be part of the Pillar project. To learn more about this approach, read the amazing book Joy, Inc., by Richard Sheridan.

Who are the Pillaristas?

The Pillar Project team consists of Volunteering members and Core Team members (who have started as Volunteers), with diverse backgrounds from across the world. We work with a wide variety of skills, experiences, ages, and perspectives.


Some of us are introverts; some of us extravert; part of our culture is our genuine willingness to create a workplace where people can be who they want to be and do what they want to do.

Meet the team →

Getting Hired

All of our current staff, and consultants, have volunteered and meaningfully contributed to the Pillar Project over the course of the last year. We have also had to turn away some great people who were not comfortable volunteering their time. Here's how our CEO, David, describes the process:

Candidate meets me at a hiring event:

“Hi, I love the Pillar project, can I work for you?”

“Yes. You’re hired.”

“What? You don’t want to see my resume or interview me?”


“Wow! I’m so excited. What are the terms, by the way?”

“We pay for 14 months of work even though you only work for 12; the other two months of salary go into a special account you manage with your advisory group. We pay better than Google does! We pay for all your personal bookkeeping. We are considering offering free haircuts.”

“Wow, I’m psyched. When do I start?”


“Fantastic. What do I do?”

“Do what you love. Make a difference. Move the Pillar mission forward in the most effective way possible.”

“I will!"


"Is there a catch?”


“I thought so. What is it?”

“We don’t pay at the beginning. We want employees to stay for a long time, and we pay above-market rates, so we hire for commitment, ability to work with the team, and creating value to the project. You have to volunteer first and get things done with us. Only after you are working well with us do we decide if we will invite you to become part of our family. Just work like you’ve been hired, make a difference, become part of us, support us, do what needs to be done. Show your commitment. When we need you, we’ll hire you. No guarantees at all, but we are very actively hiring now, so chances are it won't be very long if you are working well with us.”

“So I might not get hired even after working for months?”

“That’s true, but it's not likely, because we want full-time people soon. Plus, there are other ways to monetize your Pillar experience. Many people will start their own companies or join consulting groups and bring their Pillar expertise. Don’t expect to be hired, but if you’re working well with us, we are very eager to bring on great people. It could happen sooner than you think. It’s typically 2-8 weeks of volunteering, not full time, but you’ll get feedback as you go, so you can increase your chances. And - once you’re in, you’ll probably be part of our family for a long time. So appreciate that it takes time to get in and that your level of commitment is mostly what determines your future with us.”

“Okay! I understand I will be taking a risk, but the more I put into Pillar the more I will get out.”

“Welcome to the extended Pillar family.”

Ready for the challenge?

We want to learn and grow together, have our employees act autonomously, encourage creativity, and remove unnecessary management.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact us at [email protected].