How to Join Us

Now that the crowdfunding is over, we will be setting up in London in September. We won't be hiring too many people, we're going to get working as a 12-person team and then hire as necessary. But we will need to hire some people we don't have now, and we want you to know how we do it, because it's unlike other companies.

The first thing you should do is get on our mailing list, because we have a lot more going on than we mention here on the web site.

We Don't Care About a Lot of Things
We don't want to see your resume or interview you or care how old you are, what sex, orientation, or anything else. We really don't care what you have done in the past. (We are highly biased against smokers, sorry.)

Everyone gets in by volunteering, and that means volunteering to be part of our community and help rather than volunteering to get a job. This isn't for most people, but it's a big part of our culture. We can't hire hundreds of people, so when we need something we look to the volunteers who have been working with us already and pull one in as necessary. This is absolutely not fair; neither is interviewing. To learn more about this approach, read the amazing book Joy, Inc., by Richard Sheridan. This is our culture - we are looking for people who will help us with no expectations other than to be part of the Pillar project.

People we're Looking For
We're looking for people who volunteer first. That said, we need some people who can come to London and fill out our skill set:

  • A world-class UX person
  • A world-class consumer/mobile interface designer
  • Possibly a world-class voice/chat expert
  • A world-class front-end coder
  • A very versatile back-office team to build systems and help us scale worldwide

There are three ways you can volunteer:

  1. Come to Slovakia on July 29th. This is by far the best way. Details below.
  2. Jump into our upcoming online community and do what needs to be done.
  3. Be creative and do something that helps us - you'll find suggestions and conversations in our upcoming online community.

Come to Slovakia
After the crowdfunding, we will have a grass-roots unconference at AquaCity in Poprad, Slovakia, to socialize, learn, teach, plan, and hire. Anyone who comes to Poprad in early August is probably a person we want to hire. Every morning, we will have blockchain learning and Pillar planning sessions. We will have tracks for central services, communications, product, and marketing. This won't be about what we build but how we will work together. If you are reading this, you are welcome to join us (we're not paying expenses, sorry, but we are paying for the meeting rooms and a big dinner and awards ceremony on Friday night).

We have about 70 people signed up and growing!

Please note: this event is for us to learn and discuss HOW we will work together. We won't be talking that much about WHAT - that comes later. Therefore, we invite all startups, especially funded token projects, to join us. We'll be talking about:

  • Using a Kanban system to run project management
  • Using Kanban to run top-level decisionmaking
  • Why colocation is so important
  • Why WeWork sucks productivity out of your company
  • Working in pairs
  • How to run meetings
  • How to hire without looking at resumes or interviewing
  • How to NOT have an HR department, ever
  • How we will pay and provide support to people
  • How to set up your back-office
  • Forecasting and budgeting using Beyond Budgeting
  • How to not burn people out
  • How to build a corporate culture (see
  • Token governance (fiscal, monetary policy)
  • Cash management
  • Investing in other companies that will help your platform grow
  • Why people work
  • Communications
  • Managing open-source projects
  • Creating and growing an open-source community
  • Why communication is as important as code
  1. Product
    1. Frameworks
    2. Methodology
    3. Languages
    4. Tools
    5. Open source
  2. Marketing
    1. Communications
    2. Partnerships
    3. OEMs
    4. Consumer research
  3. Central services
    1. Key management
    2. Asset management
    3. Bookkeeping
    4. Payroll
    5. Accounting
    6. Tax
    7. Facilities
    8. Events
    9. Support
    10. Legal

We hope to see you in Slovakia - it's the best way to get a job with us!

Our online community will be ready soon - watch the newsletter!