Welcome to the Pillar Community!

We are excited to invite you to join our channel, get involved in and contribute to the Pillar Project vision. This community channel is where all that activity will be taking place, transparently, voluntarily and efficiently. Our Community is  powered by Mattermost, an open-source browser-based tool that can scale to support our community.

Signing Up For MatterMost

  1. Go to community.pillarproject.io and, if it is your first time in MatterMost, click on “Create new account.”
  2.  Enter your email, username and password. Please register using your first.last name. Please don’t use a fantasy or nickname. We expect more than 1,000 people, so it will be far better if each person uses first.last name to register. If your name is Rick Smith, please register as rick.smith. If for some reason that’s taken, please use a middle initial, like Rick.H.Smith. A few of us on Pillar staff have first name for easy recognizability
  3. Click “Create Account,” which will take you to this screen:
  4.  Once you sign up, go to your email inbox and find the confirmation email (it might be in your SPAM folder) and confirm your membership. If you have trouble signing up, please check your spam folder. If you think the confirmation is lost, click “Resend Email” on the previous screen. If that doesn’t work, try again with another email address. We can’t really help past that.


Choose your Team & Add Channels

  1. Once you have confirmed your email account, you will be asked to log in using the credentials you just created. Once you enter the correct login credentials, you will be taken to the following screen. Please select the only available team to join, “Pillar Project.”

After joining this team, you will enter the MatterMost Pillar Community, and automatically be added to the following teams:

  • Contests
  • Partners
  • Pillar Project
  • Research
  • Volunteers
  • Wallets

Teams can be seen on the far left-hand side of the screen. The team you are currently in is highlighted by a white square.

Each team is comprised of various channels. Some channels you are automatically added to, others you have to manually add.

  1. Manually add a channel by clicking “More…” and clicking “Add” to the right of the channels you want to participate in.

Teams and Channels available


  • Contests
    • Contests
    • Design - Meet People
    • Design - Teams
    • Questions
  • Partners
    • Partners HQ
    • Tech Support
  • Wallets
    • Wallets HQ
    • Core Wallet
    • Dream Feature List
    • Exchange
    • Multisig
    • Next Release
    • OEM Wallet
    • Programming
    • Related News
    • Security
    • Testing


  • Pillar Project
    • Announcements
    • Blockchain News
    • Introductions
    • Jobs to be done
    • Poprad Attendees
    • Tech Support
    • Blockchain Explorer
    • Communication
    • Crypto Markets
    • Developer Central
    • DevOps
    • Events - Live
    • Events - Online
    • GEO Africa
    • GEO Asia
    • GEO Canada
    • GEO South America
    • GEO UK
    • GEO USA
    • Help (Looking for)
    • Help (Offered)
    • Meetings
    • Pillar Tokens
    • Pillar Website
    • PR
    • Semantic Search
    • Social Twitter
    • Social YouTube
    • ThirdParty Products
    • ThirdParty Services
    • UX/Design
    • Wallet back-end
    • Wallet design
    • Wallet front-end



  • Research
    • Research HQ
    • Blockchain Explorer
    • Consortia
    • Core Wallet
    • Exchanges
    • Identity
    • OEM Wallet
    • Pillar Token
    • Products
    • Publications
    • Semantic Search
    • Smart Contracts
    • Storage
    • User Experience
  • Volunteers
    • Volunteer HQ
    • Introductions
    • Jobs To Be Done
    • Projects



  1. When you get your bearings, please find the “Introductions” channel in the “Pillar Project” team and introduce yourself! Tell us where you are from and what you what to learn and/or contribute.
  2. As our community grows, so will the channel list. If you have questions about the channels or accessing previous conversations, please reach out to @ralph.reijs via MatterMost and they will help you find what and who you need.

How Mattermost works:

  1. Communication happens in public discussion channels, private channels and direct messages. Everything is archived and searchable from any web-enabled desktop, laptop or phone. Install the apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android for easy access and notifications on the go.

You’re all set!

  1. Need any additional tutorials? Just email the folks at MatterMost at [email protected].


    11. Watch the above, step by step tutorial here.

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