Pillar Token Sale is Over ...

Transactions        Tokens Sold          Ether Received

13446                    227,348,800           113,674.4

Sale statistics
Buyers: 8919
13536 Transactions
Mean: 12.75 ETH per buyer
Median 4.35 ETH per buyer (this is insanely low — almost all first-time token buyers)
Only 55 people spent more than 200 ETH
Maximum purchase: 1899 ETH

Token name: Pillar
Token ticker symbol: PLR
Token type: Ethereum ERC20
Token sale start: July 15, 2017 at  08:00 London UK time (GMT + 1)
Token sale duration: approximately 60 hours, measured in blocks, ending July 17th at 20:00 London UK time (GMT + 1)
Total tokens issued:800 million 
Total tokens available for sale: 528 million (66%)
Total tokens sold: 227,384,800
Price per token: 0.0005 ether (same as the presale)

Token Allocation (100%)

  • 48 million (6%) were sold in the presale
  • 528 million (66%) will be sold to the public
  • 24 million (3%) will be used to pay people who helped with the sale*
  • 80 million (10%) will go to Twenty Thirty AG*
  • 120 million (15%) will be reserved for liquidity, later sale, given to entrepreneurs to build parts of our system, contests, or transfer to a consortium.**

*These tokens will be locked up for 9 months in a smart contract.
** These tokens will be iced for 3 years if the sale meets its cap. 

Note: all unsold tokens in in the main sale are on ice for ten years.

Where are my Tokens?
Your tokens are on the blockchain, where they should be! Both presale tokens and main sale tokens are now merged - they are all main sale tokens. Forget about the presale address. To see them in your MyEtherWallet:

  1.  Go to MyEtherWallet.com.
  2.  Go to “View Wallet Info.”
  3.  Log in using password, key, or keystore file.
  4.  On the right, click “Add Custom Token.”

5.a. Input the smart contract where they live, which is the same now as they will always be:


They will always be at this address, so keep that number stored along with your password and private key.

5.b. Input the symbol PLR
5.c. Decimals: 18
5.d. Click "Save."

Now you should see your number of tokens twice. We don’t know why it’s twice - there must be a geeky explanation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't see your pillars in your MyEtherWallet, we found a trick: click or double click right where the PLR numbers should be. We're not experts on MyEtherWallet, but this works for 99% of people. Don't contact us until you try several things on your own, like trying another browser.

Here’s a handy video:

I Bought Using Another Wallet
We only support MyEtherWallet. Our token is not special - it's an ERC20 token. Please ask the community around the wallet you have chosen. We will soon have an online community, where people will help each other. Watch our newsletter for that soon.

Can I trade my Pillars on an Exchange Now?
Why would you want to part with the shiny new tokens you just bought? We have heard of some exchanges already accepting and trading pillars for less than market value. Anyone selling tokens now would have to be selling tokens they bought at 0.0005 ether and selling them at a loss. As far as we are concerned - they are probably legitimate tokens someone just bought, and they are at a good price. We think they use these as a marketing ploy and there are very few available. Beware of scams!

Which Exchange will List Pillars?
We do want to find an exchange, but we want the right exchange. We have a team working on our application process and will let you know as soon as we have an exchange.