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585 attendees during 6 days, avg: 230 a day
280 talks and workshops proposed, 162 given
52 hours of video content captured

Pillar Project 2019 Unconference
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Unconference Playlist

Articles about the Unconference

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Unibright's team talk about their experience at the Unconference. Read More

Pillar Project “Unconference” recap

The guys from NEM give a glimpse of how it was in Vilnius.Read More

Who was there

Attendees and Speakers


Vinay Gupta

Mattereum / Internet of Agreements
  • A guide to designing the internet of agreements
  • Blockchain in the legal system

Taavi Rõivas

Former Estonian Prime Minister
  • Cutting the cost of compliance - How are blockchain and digital identities going to transform government services?

Lex Sokolin

Autonomous NEXT
  • Crypto capital markets in 2018
  • Artificial intelligence in Financial Services
DataDash (Nicholas Merten)
Leading Crypto YouTuber
  • Find the next big ICO
  • Breaking down winners and losers in a noisy market

Daniel Bar

bitfwd / Tenzorum Project
  • Decentralized web – from cypherpunk roots to mass population liberation with P2P economic disruption
  • Self Sovereign Blockchain Solutions – the Blockathon

Grace Rachmany

DAO Leadership
  • The difference between 20th century management and 21st century leadership
  • Governance and business: What does self-sovereignty and distributed governance mean for the future of business?

David Siegel

Pillar & 2030
  • Find the next big ICOToken Camp
  • The future of money
  • Business Agility workshop
  • 8 drivers of change in the 21st century

Jeff Berwick

The Dollar Vigilante / Anarchast / Anarchapulco
  • How to be a crypto entrepreneur

Mantas Povelauskas

Debitum Network
  • Successful crowdsale, what’s next? The crucial 30 days you will need to survive

Kaliya Identity Woman

Internet Identity Workshop
  • The Identity Ecosystem Map
  • The Domains of Identity
  • Self-Sovereign Identity

Vytenis Maziulis

  • Tokenize your brain – what’s the point of the tokenization and how it will change the future?

Augustinas Tarabilda

  • Decentralising influence
  • Making utility tokens work for everyday social network users

Ram Levi

  • Security standards on blockchain – How do we make smart contracts smarter?
  • ICO & Security – The 10 things that you’re going to want to think about before your ICO

Dr. Alex Cahana

Crypto Oracle
  • The 5 steps to take when designing a CryptoHealth solution

Tomas Pagirys

Aciety / Global Shapers Community Vilnius
  • Outsharing – value-driven development and its messages

Rahdi Fakhoury

  • Consensus mechanisms - how are they evolving and why?
  • Mining Centre - How do you build a minimum viable product?

Linas Beliunas

  • Living in the world of Invisible Payments

Bastian Emig

  • Making a change - building ecosystems

Magdalena Golebiewska

  • Is Lithuania a real Crypto Leader - overview of the market
  • Bitcoin 101 - The evolution of money

Emin Mahrt

  • Governing governance through technical means
David Siegel


  • Attendees proposed their talk (25 or 50 minutes) for the main stage
  • Some presented their project and shared their experience with everyone
  • There were breakout rooms in the Resort where people added their own track to the unconference unagenda!

“The first year was about building a platform, the second year was about creating an ecosystem. Join our unconferences to build your business and transform your community.”

- David Siegel, Founder and CEO of The Pillar Project

Blockchain + Crypto + Entrepreneurship

People learned from business leaders, blockchain pioneers, and crypto natives


They got the latest on ICOs, tokens, and the Pillar ecosystem


There was hacking, building, and experimenting for a week with the Pillar team


Everyone could join daily masterclasses, workshops, talks, and panel discussions from the experts


Atendees were able to team up with hundreds of Pillaristas and be part of the movement

Crowdsourced Event

Unagenda means the conference is yours to shape. Every morning we met and voted on how the day would evolve without commiting in advance. This way we stayed flexible and the week was shaped by attendees.

Vilnius Lithuania

The week evolved and expanded as the atendees shaped it, but here’s a skeleton of what was there.


Unconference entrepreneurs


  • Present your business or project to the Unconference attendees and work with the Pillar team on integrating it into our platform.
  • E-commerce pioneers – connect via our API and be the first to sell your products and services in the Pillar Wallet.
  • Business owners – learn about tools, middleware, infrastructure, and collaborate to offer services on our platform.
  • Share knowledge, skills, ambitions, and foster ideas and insights that grow projects.
Unconference developers


  • Learn about developing for the Pillar platform
  • Participate in our ‘devcon’ track for blockchain and smart-contract developers to meet, collaborate, and showcase their latest work and insights.
  • Work with our core developer team and take a look at the backend code of the Pillar Wallet.
Unconference blockchain


  • Lex Sokolin on 2018 crypto capital markets, ICOs, token investing, and crypto funds.
  • Vinay Gupta on ‘Blockchain and the law’, and the ‘Internet of agreements’.
  • Blockchain crash courses, case studies, and deep dives into this exciting technology and its applications.
  • Collaborate with developers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
Unconference business


  • Token Camp – a week-long course covering everything you need to know to conduct a successful ICO, from tokenomics, white papers, governance, monetary policy, and more.
  • Macroeconomics – 8 drivers of change in the 21st century, monetary policy, bubbles, stable coins, Austrian Economics, Market Monetarism, and the future of money.
  • Business Agility – David’s eye-opening workshops and exercises on startups, agile culture, uncertainty, applied rationality, agile vs lean, self-management, decision science, and much more.
  • GDPR and Privacy – How GDPR will be a force for data privacy and sovereignty.
David Siegel

Pillar Community.

Reunite with Pillaristas from all over the globe and share skills and knowledge to grow the project. Join us for the Pillar token-holders General Meeting. Meet the team and get the latest insights into the future of the Pillar Wallet and Personal Data Locker. Collaborate with us and find out how you can help.