15th – 22nd July, 2018.

Pillar unconference.

15th – 22nd July, 2018.

Blockchain + Entrepreneurship + Music

  • Join hundreds of Pillaristas and be part of the movement
  • Learn from business leaders, blockchain pioneers, and crypto natives
  • Get the latest on ICOs, tokens, and the Pillar ecosystem
  • Hack, build and experiment for a week with the Pillar team!

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Unconference is FREE – you just need to pay for your flights and lodging.


15th to 22nd July 2018


Vilnius Grand Resort,
Vilnius, Lithuania


50+ hours


1000+ shapers from all over the world

Crowdsourced Event.

The unconference is an unstructured and crowd-sourced event which is geared towards entrepreneurs, tech developers, the Pillar community, and those interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and innovation.

The Pillar Project is building the world’s leading cryptocurrency and token wallet and is organising its summer unconference in the Vilnius Grand Resort in Lithuania between 15th – 22nd July 2018. Pillar has covered the costs of the unconference, all you have to pay for is your flight, hotel accommodation and board.

“The first year was about building a platform, the second year is about creating an eco-system. Join the unconference to build your business and transform your community”

David Siegel, Founder and CEO of The Pillar Project

Calling all people to the crypto mega-event of the summer.


  • Build your business on Pillar
  • Be the first to join our ecosystem
  • Learn how to connect and start with our team


  • Work with our core developer team
  • Learn from blockchain experts
  • Take part in the Wallet Hackathon!

Pillar Community.

  • Re-unite with Pillaristas from all over the globe
  • Discuss community values and their promotion
  • Share your skills and knowledge

The music unfestival.

Pillarstock – our own version of Woodstock. We want Pillaristas to fill the air with music. Bring instruments, bring bands, bring talent and bring the noise.

The unagenda.



David’s business-agility workshop series on startups, failure, experiments, measurement, applied rationality, agile vs lean, innovation, management, structure, governance, and much more.

Pillar Pioneers

We’ll have a special track for entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses in the Pillar wallet. For this year, the business will mostly be e-commerce. If you are already selling products or services online, if you have an e-commerce web site and want to connect your inventory to the Pillar wallet, we want you to come learn and build on our platform. If you want to build tools, middleware, or infrastructure, you should come attend the first “devcon” for the Pillar platform. 


Last year we had workshops on writing smart contracts and designing products. We had many brainstorming sessions with “ahah!” moments that have later led to products and protocols. This is a great chance to come share and work with some of the best minds in the blockchain industry. We expect many people to offer their talks, workshops, and discussions – it will be more organic and probably more impactful than most other blockchain events.


We let our culture emerge. If you have anything to contribute to a spontaneous music festival, please come and make it happen. Maybe you dance, juggle, or do magic – all are welcome. We will supply the stage, lights, and sound system – you supply the talent. 

Testimonials from last year’s pioneers

“It’s life changing. You will not be the same after this.”

– Tomer Sofinzon, Tel Aviv, Israel

“We came, we learned, we volunteered, we got sucked in. We now work for Pillar. Soon, you will be one of us.”

– Max Pokam, Nice,  France

“I brought my entire family, strollers and all. It was memorable. We can’t wait to go to the next one.”

– Euros Evans, Wales, UK

“I met really positive and smart crypto enthusiasts who flew in from all over the world. David’s morning sessions alone on entrepreneurship and building the digital wallet of the future were worth the trip!”

– Tony Scarcello from Scottsdale, Arizona

“It was amazing, I learned so much about blockchain from all the talented and experienced people I met there. I will definitely come to the next unconference, even if it takes place on the other side of the world”

– Anastasia Tsoupidi, Athens, Greece

Last year’s unconference in Poprad, Slovakia was an incredible and a unique experience… it’s one I won’t forget. I have no doubt the unconference in Vilnius, Lithuania will be just as incredible. Pillar project has big plans and this is a chance to participate and be a part of the progression and shaping of those plans. There isn’t another project or group of people quite like those at Pillar. Poprad was a blast. I expect great things from Pillar.

– Sterling Chipman, Utah

Flashbacks from last year’s unconference in Poprad, Slovakia.

In 2017 we had our very first unconference in Poprad, Slovakia. Hear from some of the participants.

How to earn your wings to Vilinus

We want you to invite your friends to the Pillar Unconference. Bring three people to the event and we will give you $150 - with $50 for every additional person on top of that. (if there's room) Tell the world, get them to send you their booking reference numbers, email them to us and earn up to $1,000 for 20 referrals.
Here's how it works

What is the unconference? (and other FAQ)

Do we have to pay to attend?

No, the conference is free of charge.

Where can I find the agenda?

There’s no agenda. Don’t worry. You’ll love it. You may be inspired to give a talk and become famous.

What does the unconference cover?

Pillar pays for the conference – all workshops and talks, snacks, venue, video broadcast, music support, and a life-changing party for all who come to the Trakai castle on July 18th.

Can I share accommodation with a friend or someone I don’t know?

Yes, you can book a room with a friend in order to share the costs or we can match you with same gender Pillarista.

What are my costs?

Your flights, your accommodation (your room in Grand Vilnius Resort is waiting for you) and your daily life (food, travel, fun).

Fun stuff to do during and after the unconference.

We’ve hand picked some fun activities to keep you entertained.

Hot air balloon.

If you’re not already on a high from hanging with Pillaristas, you can get your adrenaline going with a hot air balloon ride. This of course is subject to good weather conditions. Because we care.

Details and pricesThe organisers will pick you up from the resort and whisk you away for a breath-taking ride in the sky. Subject to good weather conditions.
Note that Hot Air Balloons cannot fly if the wind is more than 5-6 m/sec, and in case of rain or other bad weather conditions. You’ll be reimbursed in case of cancellation).
Price: 79 EUR
Duration: 3 hours

Beer tasting.

Let loose with a curated beer tasting brought to you by local professional tasters of Lithuanian beer. Yes, you heard us right.

Details and pricesTasting 5 varieties of beer (barley and wheat, hybrid, lager, and ale), traditional Lithuanian beer snacks (sausages, cheeses and vegetables).
Price: 20 EUR
Duration: 1-2 hours (depending on the number of guests)
Minimum participants: 15

Fun for children.

We’re kid friendly! Check out our kids package that’ll keep your little one’s entertained.

Details and pricesIf you come to the resort with your children, fear not, we have prepared a special 6 hour a day package full of wonderful play and educational (but still fun!) activities.
Kids package includes:
▪ Shadowgraph and hand puppets
▪ Sport day, dance and aerobics
▪ Water day and blow bubbles show
▪ Creativity workshops
▪ Circus train
▪ Golf lessons
▪ 3 courses set lunch every day
Price: 200 EUR
Duration: 5 days, Monday - Friday


Get stuffed on world class cuisine, both local and international, brought to you by the lovely folk at the Vilnius Grand Resort.

Details and pricesExplore a fine selection of local restaurants and bars in Vilnius Grand Resort and choose your best culinary experience.
Make sure you pre-select the meals you want on the Hotel’s site when booking your room, so that they are cooked and ready for you on the day.
Price of the single lunch: 13 EUR
Price of the single dinner: 18 EUR

More about Vilnius Grand Resort.


Go for the golf session and experience the finest Championship Golf course in the Baltic States!


Take time out for yourself and visit the V SPA at the Vilnius Grand Resort for the ultimate escape.


Find a selection of restaurants and bars in the Resort and choose the best culinary experience!

The unparty.

Don’t miss out on fun at the historical Trakai castle where we will host our unparty.

Free of charge for all participants and family members.

Reach Out!

If you have questions, want to speak at the unconference or need help with the booking, just email us on [email protected] or using the live chat button on the bottom right hand side of this page.

Also, we are looking for volunteers to help us with the event (Pillar products store, music unfestival, etc). If you want to help out please join the community and connect with our unconference team!

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