Pillar Project Wallet Camp

The Pillar Project will host a series of wallet camps to help build the next generation blockchain wallet and further connect our community. We encourage all back-end, Node, Ionic, Javascript, UX, UI, coder or frustrated digital wallet owner who wants to help develop a better, broader and more intuitive wallet to power your digital life to come learn and contribute to the development of the Pillar Wallet with us at Wallet Camp.

We will provide a wall of use cases (or bring your own), and team up to develop wallet solutions and designs that solve, improve and address the use cases we propose.


Teams who develop the best solutions will be awarded prizes of 2-10 ETH. We’ll give as many prizes as we think people deserve.


- Day1 -

Introduction of Pillar project to the London tech community.  We will talk about the Pillar project, our culture, what positions we’re hiring for, what to expect over the next two days, and answer any questions. This is where you will learn about the mission, purpose, and values of the Pillar project.

- Day1 -

Begin brainstorming use cases, current wallet abilities/deficits and break into teams to develop and design wallets that address the use cases and issues we identified. Lunch will be provided to all attendees courtesy of Pillar. This long day of exploration and development will be followed by an informal networking at a nearby pub.

- Day3 -

Continue developing of your idea. Lunch will be provided to all attendees courtesy of Pillar. At 2pm, coding stops and each team presents their project. Prizes for the best projects will be awarded.

This is also a hiring event!

The Pillar Project has come to London to set up its office. We are looking for multifaceted, self-motivated people to join us.

Pillar does not subscribe to the typical hiring process (that has proven faulty time after time). Instead, we ask people who are passionate about our vision to volunteer and collaborate with our team.

We want volunteers to join our community on their own volition. We seek committed individuals that can meaningfully contribute to our project and work well with our team. And if there is a mutual fit, and benefit, then you might be asked to join the team.

We strive to remove biases from the hiring process to ensure we are getting the best people based on merit and passion.

You get in by doing, not by interviewing. We’ll never look at your resume. We want to work with people. Come work with us, and we’ll talk about doing more together.

If you haven’t seen the Pillar Wallet explainer video, please take a moment to watch!

Let's stay in touch!

For more information, please contact us at Info@pillarproject.io or in our community at https://community.pillarproject.io