Meet the World’s Most Friendly Digital Wallet.

The Pillar Wallet is a next-generation, open-source wallet that will become the dashboard to your digital life.

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All Your Favorite Tokens In One Place

Take control of all your assets in one place with the Pillar wallet. Any ERC20 Token can be added and stored on your personal wallet allowing you to view, send and receive your assets with ease.

Road Map

Phase 1

Wallet 1: The Token Wallet

Registration This wallet will be a normal “self storage” wallet with email address and 12-words seed. Have to require that they back up their seed.

Receive ether Give their address and QR code. Show that ether has been received.

Send ether Paste or scan a QR code to send ether to.

Move in Pillar tokens People can get their wallet address and QR code sent to them in an email, then they can send their Pillar tokens to their wallet.

Dashboard See assets and market value (market value not a strict requirement at this point but would be nice).

See history See previous transactions (would be easier if our blockchain explorer project were ready (does anyone want to join us and be the product owner of our blockchain explorer?), but this is not too difficult with the Etherscan API).

Fill out your profile. This will be handy for other things, later. The information will be stored in off-chain encrypted storage (you’ll have several to choose from eventually).

Get help in the app Contact form that sends a support email. Keep in mind that support is done by third parties, not by Pillar.

About Pillar Something about our culture and ethos.

After this is working, make it possible to see and store all ERC20 tokens. Note that the tokens aren’t tradable on this wallet. No exchange.

Phase 2

Wallet 2: The ICO Wallet

Our goal is to create the go-to ICO wallet.

Phase 3

Wallet 3: The Consumer Wallet

This is the real basis for the wallet that we hope will become the personal data locker. It’s the “grandma” wallet.

Phase 4

Wallet 4: The Business Wallet

The goal is to give companies a way to replace accounts with wallets and be GDPR compliant as a byproduct.

What People are Saying

The Pillar wallet provides an innovative method of giving consumers the power to control their data, and for companies to be GDPR compliant. I have no doubt the Pillar wallet is set to become a ‘game changing’ new technology.

Jeremy Barnett

Resilience Partners Ltd.

Pillar: The most advanced crypto wallet in the world.


Pillar Supporter, Youtuber

I have been watching and holding on for the ride since just after the Pillar ICO – I have been a fan of Pillars ambitious work since the beginning. An audience favorite, we are always on excited for the updates from the Pillar Project team.


Arcane Bear


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